Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Detroit Noir blog

The Detroit Noir blog is live.

Check it out, and see what Publisher's Weekly has to say about the book.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Detroit Noir events...

There are many, many events now scheduled for Detroit Noir, and more to follow.

Check out Akashic Books (link on the right) for the details.

Imagine Steven Wright’s standup routine, minus the jokes, and you get a pretty good idea of my usual public-speaking performance.

But Olsen and Hocking will be at every event, and they are two of the most quick-witted, strikingly-handsome men you could ever hope to meet.

And -- they are fire-jugglers!

Makes the handsome part seem kinda unfair.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Movie: The Long Good Friday (1979)

London gang boss Bob Hoskins is finalizing a development deal that will make him and his associates wealthy and legit - once they secure some big money from the American Mafia - when he finds himself a target of some bloody acts of revenge.

Hoskins is great playing a guy absolutely dumbfounded to discover that, after a decade of graft-induced peace and prosperity, someone could have the nerve to try and muck up his big deal.

He shakes off his daze once the machetes come out, and rediscovers his inner gangster...but he also finds out that prosperity has left him a step too slow.

(Be forewarned: The synthesizer 'n' saxophone score has not aged well.)